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2018 Big Data Wisconsin

Marquette University Alumni Memorial Union 
Milwaukee WI
July 31 - Aug 1 2018
Nithin Ramachandran, Director - Direct Supply
Piyush Saxena PhD, Data Scientist - Direct Supply
Egor Korneev, CEO - Ordinal Science
Aaron Colcord, Director of Engineering - FIS Kevin Mellott, Team Lead - FIS

Extracting Data from Scanned Health Surveys for Algorithmic Underwriting

David Walechka, Decision Sciences Lead - NM
Marek Pietrzyk PhD, Senior Data Engineer - NM
Seamus Wedge, Data Scientist  - Jewelers Mutual 

Machine Learning on Big Data in Biology: A Case Study to Predict Drivers of Cancer

Serdar Bozdag PhD, Asst. Professor - Marquette University
Alex Fortin, Data Scientist - American Family Insurance

Transforming Medical Device Data with Graph Data, Hadoop and Operationalized Analytics

Nipun Parasrampuria, Senior Data Engineer - phData
Mitchell Henke, Software Architect - RokkinCat

When Customers Organize Products

Tipan Verella, Data Scientist - Kohl's Dept Stores
Michael Rhee, Senior Data Engineer - Gogo